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Aug 16, 2013 10:00pm EDT
[ rock music plays on radio ] this is jim ladd of klos. we interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special bulletin. rock music fans all over the world are in mourning today. jim morrison, lead singer of the doors, was found dead in his paris apartment this morning. french authorities attribute the cause of death to a heart attack. morrison was 27 years old. goodbye, jim. we'll miss you. [ engine races ] jim morrison was buried today in pere lachaise cemetery in paris. the coffin was sealed, and only his girlfriend, pamela courson, and the doors' manager were in attendance. with his passing, the future of the doors remains uncertain. i'm jim ladd on 95.5 klos, and i'll be here all night as we pay tribute to one of america's most original and influential... depp: the sixties begin with a shot. [ gunshot ] the civil rights movement intensifies. the war in vietnam gets bigger and bldier. man: president johnson, meanwhile, let it be known that the fbi is closely watching all anti-war activity. depp: the youth movement catches fire, making everyone over 30 a cultural enemy. the days o
Aug 18, 2013 3:30pm PDT
to jim's house. he had been asking the andersons to visit for some time. >> they were getting together for some type of family gathering. >> reporter: bill gore is san diego county sheriff. >> he led people to believe he was going to be losing his house and this would be a farewell party at his house. >> reporter: for hannah and ethan, the cabin had always been lots of fun. brett anderson is their father and christina's husband. >> the kids and myself in san diego would go up there and stay the night and we would ride a go cart or do whatever, you know? be like camping out because of his cabin. >> reporter: the man they called uncle jim, one of brett's best friends had known the kids since they were born. >> jim was a very good friend of the family. >> reporter: jennifer willis and christina grew up like sisters. jen and tysona part of a big and boisterous extended family. >> he spent time with us and we loved him. he was fun. he was a great guy. tina was a good friend to him. he had been with her and her entire family for many, many years while the kids were growing up. so i know she
Aug 16, 2013 11:00pm EDT
to enlightenment, but into madness, and a new president removes all hope for change. jim's deeply affected by the deaths of hendrix and joplin. he jokes to friends "they're looking at number three." michael mcclure helps change his mood. with his support, simon & schuster publishes the first collection of jim's poems. the book becomes one of morrison's proudest accomplishments. "nothing," he says, "is as eternal as poetry and song." man: ignition sequence start. liftoff, we have a liftoff. depp: as the country enters the new decade, the doors start over. "morrison hotel" had been another step away from the mainstream. it took them back to their roots -- the blues. it went gold in two days. despite the disaster of miami, jac holzman encourages them to make another album. but some things stay the same. jim shows up late and drunk, only now, he's added cocaine to the mix. the band is alternately bored and furious at jim. rothchild falls asleep at the console. he tries to motivate the band by accusing them of playing cocktail music. rothchild finally realizes it's time for him to leave, his pa
Aug 16, 2013 8:00pm PDT
payton you have got to catch the ball. >>jim: they spread the ball around. >>tom: they also catch a lot of screens. >>greg: darren sproles had a great year last year. 3:50 to play. 2nd and 8. griffin has nowhere to go. that will bring up a 3rd down. join us next friday night as the raiders play chicago. that will be a challenge next week. here is griffin back on 3rd down. how did that ball get caught? it didn't, it hit the ground. cadet came back in to the game. robinson is tired. >>jim: that was played very well by the defensive line. >>greg: the saints do not have any extra kickers. here is garrett hartley. he is a hero in this town. q ng- overtime may be a possibility. the raiders are a touchdown and a two-point version away from tying the game. -- and a two-point conversion away from tying the game. ç tonight get back home early tomorrow morning. 's -- the good news is when they fly home sunday d.j. hayden will not have too we are the red jersey in a more. the red jersey is the no contact a jersey. he had surgery, have you seen him much? >>tom: i watched him a couple of days, he ha
Aug 21, 2013 12:35am EDT
. - i think you just gotta ride this one out, man. - no, jim, you don't understand. things like this just don't die. kids in high school still call me ponytail. - no, they don't. - yes, they do, jim. because of the time i got my ponytail stuck in the power drill. - maybe if you make fun of yourself, it'll all go away. - i want to make fun of you right now. - really? do it. i am a big, stupid goofball. - no, don't do that. you're not. you're not stupid. - see? - oh, my god. hey, i-- i just want to say that i cannot believe that i walked into a koi pond. i mean, seriously, walk much? [laughs] oh! i should wear a snorkel to the next business meeting that i go to. - michael, you know, when you think about it, it's not all your fault. i mean, who puts a koi pond in a lobby? - well, you know what? you're right, phyllis, but i've been there before. i've seen that pond. this is the thing, i am a world-class moron. - michael, please, stop it now. you're embarrassing yourself. - it's okay. we're having fun. it's actually not the first time i've been embarrassed by a pond. [laughs] well...
Aug 21, 2013 11:00pm EDT
they report. let's go to rick in florida. hey, governor, how are you doing? >> caller: good, jim, boo-yah to ya. >> nice to see you, sunshine. >> caller: fan of your advice for a long time. i wanted to get your take on how one might play the possibility of a combination between electronic arts and zynga. >> i remember when electronics arts was worth a lot less than zynga. that turned out to be a big mistake. playing the gaming cycle, by the way, new sony machine coming up soon. lots of different gaming cycles going to be hitting. that's good for ea but it's got to come down more. zynga, why bother? keep it now. it's like having a couple of bucks in your pocket. i keep them there. who's afraid of the big bad event? the market is, that's who. the event has passed, the not so good news, we're stuck with picking stocks in this environment. not a lot to like. stay with cramer. >> coming up, unplugged? shares of industrial power house eaton have been running low on energy after reporting earlier this month. will a spark soon light up the company? or could international markets generate more
Aug 14, 2013 11:00pm EDT
'm michael. >> yeah. >> caller: jim, an irish-dutch-polish boo-yah to you. it's a melting pot here. i have a similar sized company in beazer and i was wondering if you have an opinion about it. >> yeah, i don't really care for it. look, i talked to stephanie link today, and we were saying, geez, if we were going to buy a home builder we will buy toll brothers. hey, john in illinois. >> caller: hey, is this jim? >> yes. >> caller: this is john from peoria, illinois. big boo-yah, buddy. >> what's going on? >> caller: not too much. i know that china is having a slow recovery. i need to know if you think that caterpillar stock is going to drift below $80 a share, and also case new holland outlook? >> let's go into these. i like agco, which did better than deere this morning. caterpillar really took a lot of the expectations out of the stock when it reported so i think it will have a hard time going below $80. it's not my favorite. i'm waiting for cummins to have a pull back. that cummins 12 liter natural gas engine is such a bargain. let's go to christopher in florida. >> caller: hey, jim. chr
Aug 19, 2013 6:00pm EDT
other country other than egypt. frank? >> caller: how you doing, jim? >> how about you, frank? >> caller: good. i recently purchased shares from broadcom after reading good reports. it's been steadily dropping and it's past the year low today. i would like to buy some more to average out my lows. >> i don't know, stephanie link, we just are so glad we sold the stock higher. i've got to tell you, i agree with you, it has gotten cheap. but cheap gets cheaper in this particular market. goog, happy ipo birthday. 900% in nine years, hot stuff, but there are other stocks, nine other stocks with even better gains! the good news, they got more to run! ♪ hallelujah >> google, "mad money" will be right back. >>> coming up -- on fire? cookouts with cramer is heating things up all week. closing out the summer by finding this market's hottest themes. and you've got an all access pass to this picnic. tonight, these health conscious brands are bringing organic to the grill. can they get things cooking in your portfolio? >>> and later, take a dose, looking for prescription for profits? how about a com
Aug 16, 2013 11:00pm EDT
it. people pen about that chapter jim kramer on twitter and the lessons learned from it. if you took the other side of my fortunes, i'm putting out to say it happens. i radically reversed my stance the same day, in fact, it was too l.a. i had to pay up huge for the same stocks i sold in the morning. i feel the scrambled eggs from that call. here's the bottom line. do not sell in the midst of an awful decline, no matter how much you might want to. that's bad timing. keep your head, you will get a better moment to sell. in all my years of trading, panic has been a response to huge selling once, systemic problems. every other time the right move was to buy into weakness, so remember that and my story about getting it wrong the next time we get a horrible pullback, believe me, it will not be systemic like it was in 2008. now, i go to paul in california, please, paul. >> yes, jim, this is paul from rancho santa margarita, california. first of all, i just want to thank you very much for every -- all your help and research. >> thank you. >> caller: you've really helped my family. i apprecia
Aug 16, 2013 7:00pm EDT
-- is that better? i'm sorry. i would like to ask jim, an iraq war veteran to come to the podium and lead us into the pledge of allegiance. [applause] >> good evening. [citing "pledge of allegiance"] >> fellow democrats, at this time, i would like to -- excuse me. at this time, i would like to iowaduce the chair of the democratic party, scott. he will come up and kick off this grand event. many speakers have come this evening. at this time, if he is ready, we will bring him up. [applause] >> thank you, larry. thank you for being with us here tonight. for those who i have not met before, my name is scott. i am the chair of your great iowa democratic artie. -- party. [applause] it is great that you could all be here this evening. before i begin, i want to say thank you to the northern iowa democratic party for another great wing ding. this is my third wing ding. most importantly, thank you to all of you for your time and your hard work and your commitment. you represent the back of our party. it will be you that ensures our victory next year. we look to strengthen our party and lay the groundw
Aug 15, 2013 6:00pm EDT
enjoy. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer him welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. if you want to make friends, i try to save you money. my job is not just to entertain you, teach, coach you, all me at 1-800-743-cnbc. you know what we haven't had in a long time? a day like today a. day where pretty much everything went wrong that could go wrong for stocks, which is why the dow plunged 225 points. s&p plummeted to 1.43%. the nasdaq knowsdived. to understand what triggers a sell-off of this magnitude, you have to recognize this market has multiple enputs and at times, these inputs flash bright red. today was, indeed, a bright red day. let's go through the information that the market uses to determine prices on any given day. because i want you on the same page as me understanding this stuff. first is what we call the macro, that's broad sense of economic
Aug 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
stretch much games for jim johnson to play, will he remain the orioles closer? the story later in sports. >> we've got some clouds and showers south and west of baltimore, we'll see if that impacts our weekend. the seven-day forecast coming up. >> an unusual wakeup call for thousands of residents in baltimore city this morning. >> lowell, this is mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, we're busy getting ready for my annual back to school rally saturday august 17 from 12 to 4 at memorial plaza outside of city hall. >> it's a robo call message baltimore city residents received early this morning about the mayor's back to school rally. some receiving that call at 5:00 a.m. even the mayor herself received the message and immediately posted an apology on twitter. it appears the call was sent out by accident by the baltimore city school system, they too apologized. >> in tonight's education alert, technology and world languages are high on the agenda for baltimore county school superintendent dr. dallas dance. today he shared his plans with top staff members as he begins his second year on the job. t
Aug 20, 2013 11:00pm EDT
organization whether jim harbaugh takes over after 6 in 10 season. sure enough, harbaugh takes the same team to the playoffs with a 13-3 record and next year, the 49ers, they're in the super bowl. we don't think anything of that, right? that's the way it works, coaching matters. i'm quite confident that chip kelly can turn around the philadelphia eagles. the playoffs, well, let's see. but why not? isn't that how it works? you fire the coach, bring in a new coach and get the big turn. yell when an herb jolie takes over best buy a little over a year ago, we didn't give it a second thought. they're finished. when he loses the first couple of games of the season, the stock drops, it's clear he's a joke and he should be fired! but it's a long season. and a year later, you have a stock that's now traded to $34.84, up $4.06 or 13.2% today alone after reporting a quarter that shocked most analysts who didn't think he could deliver such high growth margins so soon. plus jolie made it a terrific competitive place online. does anyone doubt the viability now? and i've got to tell you something, the nfc
Aug 22, 2013 6:00pm EDT
? >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, doug. >> caller: the nasdaq today as a public service announcement, they still know nothing and i know this because i called the fbi. as it's being reported on cnbc, i've worked with them before and the ramifications of this, just transcend just the nasdaq. with implications in the nsa and everything else going on, the market, the personal, the corporate and the national security it's only as good as the weakest electronic link. and i would love you to straighten them out once again. and help us all. >> well, if it's hacking, then i know that the bad guys are always one step ahead of the good guys. there are some great companies involved in trying to solve the problems. i spoke with meg whitman about it and the hackers are very, very smart. i think it would be fine if they said, listen, it could be hacking. just anything. just get in front of the cameras and you tell us, so we don't think it's a complete mickey mouse operation run by no one. which is what it seems like today. mark in colorado, please? >> caller: hello, how are you? >> all right. how
Aug 19, 2013 5:00pm EDT
think the opportunity is in -- >> jim, i'm easily confused. here's my question, if yields are going up that means bonds are coming down which means people have money. isn't the rotation into stocks goes to continue? why is it necessarily a bad things for equitities? >> if inflation was the reason it would be all right. you have a strong enough economy that's causing the fed to talk about taper. >> the fear is people will stop buying houses cars anything that has to do with interest rates. >> with the fund rates pegged at zero, at three percent you're talking about being too steep. you're going to cap it at three, a little more than three percent. the damage is done. >> that's bullish for an e trader charles schwab where we've seen they can charge fees again because they're not getting paid on it. it's bullish for them but negative for utilities. you want to stay out of utilities, out of the home builders to an extent but the home builder stocks have been beaten up so much that i actually played around in dhi. >> i think the right way to look at this is that
Aug 17, 2013 12:35am EDT
. - if the salad is on top, i send it back. - why would you cancel jim's credit cards? - i usually can think quick on my feet. but they were so fast on the phone. - this constitutes identify fraud. - god. i wouldn't last in jail, oscar. i'm not like you. - what's that supposed to mean? - oh, you don't know about jail? oh, you would love jail. - why would i love jail? - because... you would love it. - i don't think our company actually needs any more insurance. so i am out. - look closely, michael. i feel there's a plan here for you. - maybe we have a plan for you. - how 'bout you? maybe you can use supplemental coverage of some kind. anybody can get hurt. you always think it can't happen to you, and... [slaps table] think about it. - excuse me. sorry to bother you. are you a mechanic? - [voice shaking] yeah. - my battery's dead. i've got my kid. can you please help? - yes, i can. - no, no, no, no. come on, i'm sorry. we're having our salads. - come on. lady in distress. go, go! - okay. sorry. - thank you so much. i really appreciate it. - hey, do you need any help? - i'm sure he can handle a simpl
Aug 15, 2013 11:00pm EDT
down better numbers. that's all well and good. i know what you are thinking. all right, jim, that's great, the history of the day. what will happen next? first to get back on a bullish course, we obviously need interest rates to retreat, top out and come down. we need data from other companies, particularly the ones that do business overseas. they show earnings are in fine shape and maybe improving for some companies, given stocks have already come down, expectations have come down with them, that is a real possibility. don't take the bullish scenario off the table. even the jobless claims are going lower, that doesn't mean the economy is overheating. i thought that was simplistic. i hope the gold move, you know what, every dog has its day. remember, i always think gold should be a part of a portfolio. all right, that would be the god way out of this jam. you can arc you we've reached a point where rates are high enough, stocks are low enough to mount a decent rally if we get a better combination. the other way out of the jam, though, the odds on way, that's a lot more painful. >>
FOX News
Aug 17, 2013 11:30am PDT
and fox news contributor judy miller. jim bicker, fox news contributor allen combs. fox news watch is on right now. >>> the american people really don't know what this law is all about. i've tried to figure it out. you know, you've tried to figure it out. you've worked on it every day and the president has. they change the law on the run which is utterly unconstitutional. >> mark levine talking with fox's kneel cavuto earlier this week about the complexities about confusion. that obama care is a mess. are they picking up on it? >> yeah. it reminds me of the catastrophic care act of 1988 which was repealed in 1989, but fortunately unline president bush 41, president obama has the media on his sign. that clip from chris cuomo was a pretty indicative thing. paul bremer at news busters documented a lot more of this. he's got a bodyguard around him. >> alan? >> look, the washingt"washingto has followed obama care. the fact is they've showed maps. this notion that the mainstream media, i.e. liberal media isn't doing its job is just not true and they have a whole thing about when it's goi
Aug 19, 2013 1:00pm PDT
>> project sponsor. >> good afternoon president's fong and members of the commission, director ram i'm jim rubin this time representing the hotels and partnership of brand new partnership that the proposed developer of the hotel. we're asking you to provide this new ownership sufficient additional time to continue the project. it's been difficult for releasing up to last year. although a couple of office projects did get constructed probably not profitly virtually no hotels were abilities during that time. it appears you the time has arrived and this hotel will be built. it consists of personality hotels and rock capital and other folks will speak each of the representatives are here. nonetheless this is a group with financial strength first year i think we're the lucky beneficiaries and now we have the need for hotels and especially the needs for hotels in all speekts e sectors. let's talk about time. we asked for 3 years. presumably because of the age of the entitlement the staff is rome one year. there are a number of things that have to take place and in san francisco everything takes
Aug 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
to try to find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow! >>> what makes all the economists out there think there's going to be a second half growth rebound? you know what? i think bad numbers and bad policies are sinking that scenario. former obama adviser austan goolsbee is going to defend his man, but wisconsin governor scott walker will be here and take goolsbee to the woodshed. also, is obama man larry summers really jacking up on rates and knocking down stock prices? will he really be a tighter-fisted fed chairman than janet yellin? the markets seem to think so. but wasn't summers the big trillion-dollar stimulus spending guy in obama's first term? and speaking of fears, has team obama totally botched the egypt situation? there can be no compromise here, folks. american interests lie with the egyptian army, not with the radical and terrorist muslim brotherhood. all those stories and much more coming up this evening on "the kudlow report." beginning right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." first up to
Aug 17, 2013 4:00am EDT
it was in 2008. may i go to paul in california, please? paul. >> caller: yes, jim, this is paul from california. first of all, i want to thank you very much for all of your help and research. >> thank you. >> caller: you have really helped my family and i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> caller: you always say to use limit orders but if i have been watching a stock and tracking it constantly and it finally hits the buy price that i want, wouldn't be it smart for me to use a market order if i feel it's gone down? or do you think i should wait for a limit order price? >> you have to wait. let me tell you why, some of the big declines we've had have been so fast and breathtaking that you get a report that you bought a stock at 20 and it's 15 because the machines went wrong. until they rule it has to be banned, i can't say yes to that kind of order. >> caller: you and your crew are fantastic. >> they are good. >> caller: my call today is on options. i hear on cnbc and sometimes on your show that options for a particular stock are expensive right now or reasonably priced right now. how would i know w
Aug 22, 2013 6:00pm EDT
's the fraser family. who wants to get it? let's go. give me leticia, give me jim. ["family feud" theme plays] here we go, guys. top 8 answers are on the board. we asked 100 men, name something you might reach for when your mate starts pushing your buttons. jim? >> the remote. steve: the remote. >> ha ha! steve: pass or play? >> play. steve: they're gonna play. let's go, jim. hey, randy. what do you do, sir? >> i sell shoes at nordstrom's. steve: women's shoes? >> both. men's and women's. steve: boy, did you hear the breath that those women took out? "i sell shoes at nordstrom." they went--[gasps]. "my dream man!" how long you been doing that? >> about two years. steve: what's your favorite women's shoe? >> any heel 'cause i think any girl looks good in heels. steve: any heel. >> oh, yeah. steve: randy. yeah-heh! that's why you're selling them shoes. hey, randy, let's go. we talked to a hundred men. name something you might reach for when your mate starts pushing your buttons. >> bottle of jack. steve: a bot-- >> ha ha ha! good answer! steve: a bottle of jack! hey, brandon, how you doing? >>
Aug 17, 2013 12:00am PDT
and backing for this project. as jim mentioned those projects take time to put together those team. our collective team is really a new team so we're starting from today to put together this project including finalizing the time and the construction so there's a ramp up period to bring on the new team and our new contractor to also got out and final listed our contradiction team and all the related planning and process that goes ♪ securing that financing before we, move forward. those are obviously a significant number of hurdles. we can this stuff doesn't come easy in san francisco. so we're asking respectfully we be given >> anything else from project sponsor. >> i wanted you to know there are a number of letters of sport. >> thank you. >> and no opposition we're aware of. >> okay opening up to public comment two names. >> good evening i'm the xvd executive director i'm not only the executive director but i'm speaking for both organizations. hotels bring jobs full-time jobs all provided through the hotel industry. we're employing san francisco residents. we have over $200 million
Aug 15, 2013 4:30pm PDT
. >> sure go ahead. >> dave johnson i think that jim put forward some ideas. every building has a place where the mechanical systems come together and have to vent. the explosion of getting that building closer to stan ignored is something we need to do. and there's some other things we need to incorporate as well. that corner of the building is where a lot of venting and garage exhaust have to come out. so we're going to have to work on that >> commissioner. >> i appreciate the flexibility of the architect and the owner to accommodate and listen to some of the comments made by all commissioners retail on all sides of the baby boomer lobby and it creates a more skilled project. particular when it's on either side of the public open space. i'm generally very comfortable with the building including some of the compromises that's been created. the idea that the department considers the parking. the thing i'd like to ask and perhaps mr. rubin can answer. i'd be very intrigued to see the adjacent property coming up into the foreclose. i'm also concerned since the next property is a very sh
Aug 20, 2013 8:00pm PDT
with officer jim cunningham. officer jim cunningham joined the san francisco police department -- he was a aid in 1988 and became a police officer in 1997. we have lieutenant gaetano caltagirone which i have known since we were five years old. he is a native san franciscan and entered the police department in 1995 and became sergeant and rank of lieutenant in 2010 and served in many of the district stations and then we have officer antonette also known as annie valenzuela and she's the lead of the san francisco police honor guard. officer valenzuela entered the police department 1988 and served in various assignments including the academy and officer derrick lee who joined the police department in 1998. he too served in many of the district stations and these officers have gone to the airport for a different assignment but they went there for a reason that day to save live and what we were told starting with officer cunningham that when firefighters went up to fight the fire he was on the plane and was pulling off. lieutenant caltagirone arrived and he with the other officers were throwing kn
Aug 21, 2013 10:00am PDT
a lot of rumors about whether or not jim might be the father of either or both children. we find it strange he left this money with any explanation. >> reporter: the money is from a life insurance policy that named hannah's grandmother. it's worth around 110 thorough through. jim's sister was the beneficiary up until 2011. >> expected grandmother to use the money to take care of the two children. he stated specifically he didn't want to give toyoit to parent. he's been described as a platonic friend, referred to as uncle jim in an interview with new day while hannah was still missing. hann hannah's father was asked about the relationship. >> he became like part of our family. we were good friends. there was nothing to show any indication of this. >>> there are now 18, another woman has come forward to accuse san diego mayor bob filner of sexual harassment. se she has filner put his hands on her butt during a photo op after meeting three months ago. so far he's refused to step down. he's under growing pressure to resign. casey is following developments for us. what do we know abou
Aug 16, 2013 11:35pm PDT
on a second. what's your name? >> jim espinosa. >> could you slide over for one second? i'm missing a shirt behind you. >> look at that. that's our executive producer, jill leaderman on that shirt. >> there's one left. i don't know if it fits you. it is flying off the shelves. >> jimmy: okay, now, where are you from? >> i'm from gardena, california. >> what do you do for a living? >> i'm in high school right now. >> you're in high school. really! you seem older. how long have you been in high school? >> i'm a senior. >> are you on the extended plan? >> i don't think so. >> you don't think so. >> when do you go back to school? >> the 13th. >> jimmy: are you a good belly flopper? >> yes, i am. >> jimmy: well, good, come on through. let's get you out of those clothes. >> this one is even better looking. >> what's your name? >> i'm frenchy. >> frenchy, huh? all right, calm down, you animals. >> where are you from? >> i'm from italy. >> from italy. >> yes. >> what part? >> pulia. >> i was just there, as a matter of fact. >> really! >> yeah, i really was. believe it or not. >> he's lying, he's ly
Aug 20, 2013 12:35am EDT
. - where did you get that mallard? - what the hell is a mallard? - that! - oh, professor damon d. duck. jim gave him to me. - okay, i gave that to him as a gift. i'm taking that back. - if you take it back i'll scream. - [sighs] i'll give you five bucks for it. - 20. - ten. - deal. - you're so cool. - this reminds me, you owe me three bucks for gas. - hey, toby, could i talk to you for a minute? - yeah, sure. what's up? - um, i just wanted to apologize for taking that tone with you earlier. that was uncalled for. i'm sorry. - uh, yeah, that means a lot. thank you for saying it. - can i sit down for a second? - yeah, or pull up a chair and sit. or on the shredder. - [clears throat] [plastic creaking] this is gonna sound weird, but i think i may be the victim of a hostile work environment with this whole pam situation. - should probably deal with that outside of the workplace. - she brought it into thworkplace, so i feel like it has to be dealt with here. - yeah. okay, well, i mean, i could talk to her. - reallywould you do that? - well, yeah. that's why--that's why they pay me the big bucks.
Aug 20, 2013 3:00pm PDT
for this historical building. i'm introducing this resolution to peruser the marcus bookstore which was jim both city building and to urge that's current owners to have someone uphold the building. founded by marcus brooks he's the an icon in japan neighborhoods and is a renounced center. marcus books has been a meeting place for organizations like west side community services and the development organization and the black panthers and the 17968 strishgz at san francisco state college. the store has hosted incredible icon like rosa parks and james baldwin and malcolm x. marcus books is a historic treasure in our community who's future are under factory attack. the building opened its doors in 1953 and it was founded as a jazz place. bill holiday and other go placed at jim bosses city. it's not an compensation to say that the building helped put fill more on the map. and yet in the 1960s the san francisco redemonstrate agency tried to remove the map and trying to demolish it but a diverse group of folks came together and the house was literally picked up and hauled to its new locations. although many
Aug 15, 2013 3:30pm PDT
. good afternoon president fong and members of the commission. i'm jim rubin and we're working with the project sponsor. before addressing the project itself i believe this is the first occasion that kilroy has had to come before your commission. they've been active in the city and have done a lot of projects. there's another one after the alice and there's another kilroy project. if you look at the overhead i've put on that overhead a graphic that shows you the building that kilroy has acquired in the last two, 2 1/2 buildings. they've have not had to come here but they've done a lot of work. by the way, example that's where pact 12 as ronald and it's something of a media building. 333 brandon is before you and thirty 1 is next door and the lieutenant is in that believe. 100 first street is not an attractive building but it's been completely repositioned and the lobby is redone and it's better today. 350 mission is a high-rise building that's been 1 hundred percent lease to sales force and seven hundred and 40 thousand feet and that plaza been redone as well. and anybody knows
Aug 22, 2013 12:35am EDT
no closer to taking jim down. ugh, what a waste of the day. i could have grown poison mushrooms that'd be this high by now! they're mushrooms. they don't get that high. - may i have a word with you in my office, please? - i am working. - well... this is a work-related matter. - really? - yes. - really? - yes. join me, please, won't you? i'm going to give you a raise, pam. - why? - because of all the good work you've done. - i have the lowest sales record of anyone here. - no, just, just don't, no. it's not about numbers, pam. it's about attitude. - i have the worst attitude of any person here. - do you want the raise or what? - yeah, i'll take it. - okay. hey, pam. pam. with this raise there are strings attached. - [sighs] i knew it. - and the string is attached from my heart to your mean attitude. - you're bribing me. - no, no. no, i am not. unless you want me to. do you want me to? 'cause i will. i will bribe you. no...your face is saying don't. unless i haven't offered you enough. your face isn't changing. what is it? talk to me, face. tell me what pam's brain is thinking. oh, com
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Aug 18, 2013 12:30pm PDT
, jim, that obama care is a mess. are the media picking up on that? >> yeah. i mean it seems like the implementation of a catastrophe that reminds me of the care act in 1988 and repealed in 1989. fortunately, unlike president bush 41, president obama has the media on his side. that clip from chris cuomo was a pretty indicative thing. paul bremer, at news busters documented a lot more of this. he's got a bodyguard around him. >> allen? >> i've got four months of stuff built up. been on the show for a while. been following obama care which obama does care. finally the white house doesn't brace what was a derogatory term. they show where it's a success, it's a failure. the mainstream media, conservatives isn't doing its job is not true. the whole thing about when it will be implemented. so the fact is that it's not been ignored and if you read enough media outlets, you'll see what's going on. >> judy, there are a lot of reports that the costs are going to be much higher than the president promised and the media generally seemed to ignore that. >> i think that's because the president
Aug 18, 2013 10:00am PDT
the world" is the mantra of buildon's founder, 47 year old jim ziolkowski, who stepped out of the fast lane in corporate finance to achieve something more than making money. >> i believe strongly in the social justice aspect of my catholic tradition. but i wasn't living it, and i wanted to reconcile my faith with the way i was living, so i started up buildon. our mission is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. and the way we approach it is by organizing after school programs in very challenged communities, urban environments and urban high schools across the united states. >> for now if we can get all the vegetables that are in the borders to kind of look like this, that would be great. you guys are all doing an excellent job. keep it up. thank you. >> the students plant gardens, work with the elderly, the sick and the homeless and many of them travel to such far flung spots as malawi, nepal and haiti to help build schools. funded by private foundations and contributions buildon has constructed 546 schools abroad with the help of the
Aug 21, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. michael toe mack second and jim moore is director of progress texas, a political action committee. he was also co-author of "bush's brain." let's talk about this thing now with ted cruz. let's take a look at what happened last night and what happened there. let's talk about republicans by the way, before we get to some of the pictures who care about winning in the future, some of the extreme tactics by people like ted cruz and others like threatening government shutdown in order to defund the affordable care act makes them nervous. mike murphy, here's what he told the washington post. the party, the republican party is acting as if the entire world is a gop primary. that is a very dangerous way to operate. we have massive image problems with the greater electorate. and the silly antics of the purist wing are making our dire problems even worse. mike murphy is a smart guy. what's cruz up to. >> running for presidency. >> winning the presidency on the hardest right we've seen. >> i wouldn't put him past winning the nomination. he's a very swud guy. he had 1,000 people there last night.
Aug 16, 2013 1:00pm EDT
. jim, why don't you take first whack. >> we talked about this as well. gold can bounce pretty well and still be in the framework of this longer term down move. haven't even hit the retracement from where this move started months back. i think gold's target is 1414 on the upside. this is a chance in my mind that the sentiment is shifting back or perhaps it's just a bounce in a bear market. either way still decent room on the outside. i am long silver. >> i like to argue with him as you know but we're seeing a nice move in gold. that was a very succinct level we saw. we see a chart that can go up there quite easily. phenomenal move based on the stops yesterday. a lot of people being caught offsides so there's more room to run. >> bonds here, 2.58 on the ten-year. jeff what, should i do? >> a lot of blood in the water here. seeing people kind of panic. no panic in any other market. the vix being under 15 but the treasury markets as it's going closer to 3% that will have a trickle effect, you know, and saw stocks kind of watching the bond market. the bornds hit new lower prices and hig
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